Innovation Champion

Innovation Champion

The Innovation Champion believes that anyone can and should have the right innovate within an enterprise. They understand the power of collaboration and are a change agent for a shift in culture. They are willing to invest in the learning & training of the employees in intrapreneurship for the collective benefit of the enterprise.

They are usually trusted within the enterprise by both senior executives and employees due to their understanding of the business goals and great communications skills.

Success is usually measured by adoption of the rapid innovation process.

They are also curious and passionate about technology and innovation and not afraid to make mistakes by trying new stuff.

Within the Ideateplus crowdsourcing app we have included a few simple steps to help the innovation champion set up:

  • A company profile;
  • Key milestones for the innovation campaign;
  • Identification of the Customer Problems that the employees shall crowdsource to solve and;
  • Employee invitations to the innovation campaign.

The Ideateplus team will be there to help the innovation champion through each step along the way.