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Intrapreneurs that we have helped

What we
want to acheive?

Democratize Enterprise Innovation. We believe that every employee should contribute to innovation within an enterprise.

We strive to provide you with the building blocks you need to involve your whole organization in understanding your customer, crowdsourcing new ideas, testing them and implementing the best ones with agility.

What do we do?


Our expert UX team helps you understand your customer’s problems. Once the problem is clear, unleash your employees on crowdsourcing ideas to solve them by using our pragmatic app.


Choose your best ideas and motivated workforce and join us in a 3-day Design Sprint to transform the ideas into viable concepts. For the sprint-finale, we assist your employees in pitching customer-tested prototypes to your execs for funding.


Our development team, supported by a network of partners, helps you transform the funded prototypes into real products with real income.

How we do it?


Before crowdsourcing, we conduct customer interviews to help you clearly articulate the problem that requires solving.

Lean & Modular innovation

Through our extensive experience, we have come up with building blocks that easily integrate into your company’s existing innovation processes.

Data-driven DNA

We are digital natives that believe in the power of data to derive valuable insights on your workforce and potential products.

Expert Network

We enable partnerships between your company and our network of experts to help commercialize your product or service.

“IF NOT YOU, THEN WHO can innovate on your company’s next product or service?”

Kevin D’Silva, Founder of Ideateplus & Nestle’s employee driven innovation accelerator.

Ideateplus helps you unlock your greatest asset and drive intrapreneurship within your organisation.